Some businesses just sprout up.  True for Ampa also, but when it all started to happen in the 90's, much thought went into What We Will Be?  Amphitheater, in classical Greece, the embodiment of all production services for entertainment, thought, political and philosophical statements, a gathering place for communities.  The association fit perfectly.  Ampa, a complete source of production services and equipment for entertainment, to support a message, branding, heighten awareness of causes and fun.

What's in a Name?

For nearly 30 years, Ampa has played a role in life’s most poignant moments. The first dance between a new husband and wife. Friends reuniting to share decades-old memories. A political hopeful launching a career. Colleagues uniting toward a shared mission. Volunteers raising money for a cause dear to their hearts.


Through it all, Ampa has relied on service as cornerstone: working with you to pinpoint your needs  and delivering.


Ted Rubis launched Ampa in 1985 as an entertainment-booking agency, building on his experiences with special events and his affinity for bringing people together. Responding to demand, Ampa began expanding its services.


Soon, Ampa was more than a resource for getting the party started. It became a trusted event producer. By the 1990s the company offered design and construction of stage sets, was invested in a warehouse full of lighting, rigging and audiovisual effects and developed a staggering inventory of props, sets and scenery.

Ampa Events' New Distribution Center

6701 Janway Road Henrico VA, 23228

More importantly, it built a team of creative professionals who know how to use the resources at their disposal to serve your needs within your budget. Ampa can help you dazzle a large audience, bring crowds to their feet or discreetly fade into the background while those special moments emerge.

It’s up to you. As a Richmond-based company with offices in Norfolk and Washington, D.C., we’re here to serve local, regional and national clients. Let us help you start celebrating, commemorating and bringing people together.


As a Richmond Base touring, design and event production services company, we're here to serve...

What We Do

There are many event companies, meeting planners,

a/v companies and lighting companies. What makes Ampa stand out is our focus on creativity along with the unification of all major event services under one roof. Ampa is not only creative in an artistic sense, but we are also creative in our approach to serving clients. Ampa's creative event design result in a maximization of our clients’ budget, yielding the best bang for the buck. It is our extensive skill set as a company and our creative capabilities that gives us the ability to serve our clients in this manner. No matter what the budget, Ampa’s creative approach to getting the job done and exceeding the client's expectations puts Ampa at the forefront in design and production for events and stage elements.

Insurance: Ampa is insured for all services by Allied Insurance with a $2,000.000.00 liability policy.

Skill Set

Lighting Design/Rigging


Technical Building

Materials Analysis

Scenic Painting

Web Design

Video Editing

Hard Coat Technique


Meeting Planning




Prop & Stage Design


Foam Carving

Graphic Design

Video Integration

Custom Gobo Design

Production Technology

Color Study


Auto Cad Design Renderings

Auto Cad Design Shop Projects

Skill Set - Continued

Prop Shop


Event Management

Technical Directors

Production Scheduling

Trade Show Services / Management

Meeting & Event Directors

Pre-production Services

Extreme Attractions

Fairs & Festivals

Inflatable Games

Soft Goods

The Team

Ted holding T-Rex Femur sculpture at the Country Club of VA 2007.

Theodore Rubis

President of Ampa Events


When Ted was working his way through pharmacy school at VCU-MCV, he never imagined that the entertainment business he launched as a side project would become a full-time passion.


A native of Richmond, Ted dove into studies at Virginia Tech and graduated from the VCU/MCV School of Pharmacy, returning to school later to focus on business, economics, finance and accounting.

Along the way, he was energized by opportunities to give his fellow students a break from their studies. He helped rally campus-wide events, student socials and alumni activities. He found a loyal audiences behind the microphone at radio stations both on and off campus. And as a young professional he worked on a number of charity events to raise money for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Looking back, he can see how his academics and leadership pursuits all came together in building a creative, successful and thriving event company -- and a talented team to carry out Ampa's mission.


With projects across Virginia, D.C. and along the East Coast, Ampa Events has build a reputation for helping its clients bring their visions to life in unique, creative ways, reaching the full potential within the budget. As he always tells his team, Ampa gives its customers what they want -- and what they can only imagine.


With over 25 years of creative projects under his belt, Ted has honed his skills in design, showmanship, decorating, lighting and professional event management. He describes himself as a technical director, but his creativity and knowledge takes him far beyond as a designer and senior producer.  He will tell you that adding value to client events through Ampa's creativity and driving messages with production services is the fun that keeps him going.


Ampa has expanded to meet demand. Skilled technicians oversee a warehouse full of lighting, theme decor, furniture, rigging systems, audio-visual gear and a wide array of production toys.


One to always work with his hands, Ampa also operates one of the only full-service scene shops in Virginia. From producing events to building stage sets, Ted has developed partnerships with professionals in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, N.C. and throughout the region, earning a reputation as a highly creative and reliable production company.


He may no longer be helping patients at the pharmacy counter, but after more than 25 years Ted’s perfected a different kind of chemistry -- one that creates lasting memories and unforgettable moments for client's from all walks of life.

Leslie is setting the table for the Richmond Bridal Sho

Stephanie Rubis

Vice President & Corporate Attorney

Stephanie provides crucial services to Ampa in the review of contracts, employee relations, human resources and, in general, management of Ampa Events.

Cyril is sanding a Three-Dimensional mask out of foam for a mardi gras event.

James Meekins

Graphic Designer

James has a BFA in Graphic Design from VCU.  He has used his foundation in art to create designs for events and internally.  He has been a key player in our marketing and creative schemes he brings in a vast experience in the print and web industry. His support in presentations and designs and his natural skills as a photographer, writer and artist are invaluable to our needs and that of our clients.  Ampa's new website being one of the latest projects that he has taken on.


Since 2009, James has also been a part of the event production side and works well with drapery and centerpieces.

Chris Mollen


Chris is a skilled carpenter, welder and rigger with a BA in Drama from Randolph-Macon College. He recently returned to his native Richmond to work for Ampa. He was a lead carpenter for The Public Theater and Shakespeare in the Park in New York City and has worked as a scenic carpenter and metal worker for Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut. He has built scenery for many theater productions including the pre-broadway runs of Hamilton and Eclipsed as well as touring productions. Chris applies the same attention to detail to large scale stage sets as well as fabricating small furniture pieces. He brings a diverse skill set to Ampa and is excited to serve our clients.

Tripp Marcus

Lead Installer

 Tripp is an event technician and event lead. He has a B.S. In theatre from Radford University. Tripp has been working for Ampa Events for over 3 years. Before that he was the Master Carpenter for the Lyric Opera of Virginia for one season. Tripp also specializes in lighting and has run the lighting for multiple shows at Radford as well as countless events while at Apma.

Cyril Suaris

Art Director

Cyril is a naturally skilled artist and sculptor with a Master’s degree in Scenic Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He has a strong skill set of design and illustration in 2D and 3D.


With over 10 years of experience in India as an artist, sculptor and designer, he has worked on projects for MTV Asia, United Television, CNN, Apple Computers, Modi Television and the Indian Film Industry.

As a graduate in the scenic design program at Virginia Tech Theater Arts, he has designed and built several shows such as Streetcar Named Desire, Hamlet, Jacques Brel, etc. His extensive hands-on experience in graphic design, exhibitions, displays, and scenic design & execution both in the US and in his home country makes him a versatile individual for AMPA.

Recent Ampa projects include the design of Game Show Theme stage sets for FasMart Corp., vignettes for various nonprofit organizations, Arabian theme sets as well as many others. Cyril was the chief set dresser for the Disney Narnia Production at the Mac Arthur Center and the Masterpiece in the Making gala for the Children’s Hospital. He has been the project coordinator and producer for the Children’s Museum January gala fund-raiser and executed the design and installation of the “A Night in Tuscany” production, including lighting elements, for the Homestead Resort. Scenic painting is another strong point among many. As an artist, Cyril is exceptional and can crank things out of the shop quickly without compromising quality and detail. On site, Cyril is the “go-to” production coordinator for all soft goods and fabric treatments. His extensive skill set serves all of our clients.


Our Clients

The Country Club of Virginia

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